The building is sited on the high ridge of the Maleny Stanley River Road with extensive views across the rural landscape to Caloundra and Moreton Island towards the east and Brisbane towards the south.

The project consists of a renovation to an existing block work house and the addition of a new pavilion, deck and terrace. An aesthetic, both modern yet appropriate to the rural character of the area, was explored.

The siting of the new pavilion, which contains the master bedroom, robe, ensuite and library allows for uninterrupted easterly views from the existing building whilst protecting the new external spaces from the south easterly winds.

Recycled hardwood (from 60 year old telephone poles) was used extensively to both the renovated and new works. The new pavilion consists of an exposed hardwood structure over which a ‘butterfly roof’ floats. The twin pitch of the butterfly roof is designed to allow for winter sun penetration into the building and provides an appropriate roof pitch and orientation for an extensive photovoltaic array.

Zoned planning of the house provides an extended family both private and communal spaces whilst also allowing areas to be closed off for heating and cooling efficiencies

Polished concrete floors – both existing and new, are finished with a natural ‘Hyper-Floor’ finish, and in the case of the new works, are positioned to absorb winter sun and serve as a thermal mass.

Five new rainwater tanks totaling 55 000 litres complement existing storage of 65 000 litres. An existing concrete rainwater tank has been keyed into the terraces and landscaping and now serves as a garden chess set. Extensive vegetable and herb gardens have also been added to complement the existing small scale orchard.

The house seeks to provide a sustainable retreat for a retired couple who love to both entertain and, at what ever opportunity, accommodate several generations of extended family.